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Math and the Art of Escher Spring 2010 Cathedral Basilica Project

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DUE DATE: Monday Feb 22, 2010


Note that you are assigned to a group. Please make sure all group members do work. It is visible in "history" who is working on the page. Not contributing in the work will result in a penalty when it comes to your grade.



  • digital camera - at least one per group


At the Basilica, your assignment was to find interesting examples of as many rozettes,  border patterns and  wallpaper patterns as possible.

You and your team mate(s) will create a poster/website showing photographs of the symmetry patterns you found, with a label identifying the symmetry group. You should clearly explain what kind of symmetry group each pattern has and why.

You should supplement your patterns with some found outside the Basilica. Look for symmetry groups in your home, store, work, or anywhere else yu can find them.


Grading Rubric:

  •  Organization of the page: First identify all your rozette patterns, next identify all your borderpatterns, and last identify your wallpaper patterns. If you are using part of a design as an example of a symmetry group, make sure you describe what part of the design you are referring to. - 100 points

If the patterns are identified correctly, they will receive points as follows:

  •  Rosette Patterns: 10 points each.
  •  Frieze Patterns: 10 points each (total of 70 points).
  •  Wallpaper Patterns (total of 430 points)

o    p4m, cmm and pmm score - 10 points each (total of 30 points)

o    p6m and cm score  - 20 points each (total of 40 points)

o    All other wallpaper groups score - 30 points for each remaining group.


Bonus scoring:

  • Five different D5’s 20 points
  • Three different p6m’s 20 points
  • Biggest cyclic group in the class 20 points
  • Biggest odd dihedral group in the class 20 points



Group 1 : Carolyn Cady, Katie Jost

Group 2:  Julia Crump, Kara McLaughlin, Riley Thomas

Group 3:  John Reilly

Group 4:  Patrick Giblin, Shannon Hunt

Group 5:  Michael McColpin, Tyler Sondag

Group 6:  Erica Jandernoa, Huan Shen, Tianyu Zheng

Group 7:  John Linhorst, Karen Qian

Group 8:  Kileigh Rousey, Emily Warner


An example: Instructor Page


 Extra images you may use: Image Page


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